Why it is important to have regular Routine Inspections?

Rental inspections are a vital part of the rental process. It is essential to ensure smalls issues are nip in the bud before they become expensive ones.

So what are the benefits to having quaterly routine inspections done as part of an ongoing tenancy agreement?

  • Protecting your asset
    Protecting your most valuable asset your rental home can only be done by regular inspections.
  • Minor maintenance issues can sometimes blow up into big problems if they are not addressed immediately. Something that maybe minor like a small leak or crack can result in thousands of dollars of damage if undetected early.
  • Small issues can be cleared up straight away if picked up at routine inspections, and if your tenant is not taking care of your property, the issues can be managed before too much damage is done.
  • Tenants appreciate properties being checked regularly and take this opportunity to raise any maintenance issues that can be tackled by the agent swiftly. This in turn gives the tenant greater incentive to keep the property in
    tip top condition. This also helps build a relation with your tenants.

Future re-letting
Properties that are well maintained will ensure transition to new tenants run smoothly as possible with the least amount of down time as possible. A poorly maintained property will result in delays in obtaining new tenants.
Thus costing home owners money.

Safety inspection
Rental home inspections will pick up possible issues before they become a danger to your current or future tenants. These include issues relating to Water damage, electrical issues, safety issues and overall cleanliness

KG Real Properties Group experienced property management team conduct routine inspections quarterly, with access to online detailed reports 24/7.

KG Real Properties Group will also provide you with a current rental market appraisal in order to provide you with the best return on your property and give you advice on any repairs and maintenance required in order to
make your property ready for rental.

For a better choice, personal service, our action speaks louder than words! Call Team KGR and experience our property management service first hand on 07 3416 0520


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