Why I love working in real estate

As a refugee from Vietnam my parents realised that they had no choice but to leave by boat to find better opportunities. I was nearly three at the time and the risk that every other refugee was facing that we could all perish at sea.
We were in a country that we knew little of and working hard to put food on the table was my fathers priority. This is where I learnt from my father the value of money and respect.

As the old saying goes….

Day in day out and the wise words from father to son was “Find a job you love and you won’t work a day in your life.” It’s work, but I do love my job.

Why do I enjoy it so much?

I came from working in a big corporate organisation having long days away from home, and work really, really hard, and yet not everyone has a job they love —
not everyone is lucky enough to be happy in their careers.

The good old days of completing school, getting a decent job and thinking about starting a family. The thought of being an astronaut, fireman, doctor, lawyer
or accountant was a child hood dream whilst growing up.

Here are some of the reasons why I enjoy my job:

1. Freedom to work from anywhere – the local coffee shop, surf club, beach or your favourite corner shop. You get to choose your scenery on a daily basis
2. Meeting people and hearing their stories – You’ll be amazed people’s life stories they share with me that I love the most about my job
3. Everyday there is always something new – New faces, new places, new properties, new obstacles to get past – no two days are ever the same. Which makes everyday an adventure
4. You never stop learning – feed the inner soul with new experiences and market technologies
5. A chance to help my client reach their goals and dreams – What could be more rewarding than helping our clients realise their dreams from building wealth through property
6. Photography – every property is different through a lense. One of my passions growing up was the love of photography. I look at each day in a whole new way.
7. Helping people – real estate transaction are often complex and requires excellent people skills. That is why communication skills and the ability to listen are traits required to excel in this profession
8. Last but not least – It’s fun – If you can’t have fun whilst doing what you love then how can you be happy


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