The Unannounced Landlord Visiting

The Surprise no Tenants want.

It was the perfect rental property… until the landlord decided to let himself into the rental property unannounced. Not only did he fail to notify the tenant, but he also failed to notify his property manager.

His excuse? Property maintenance.

After the first incident, the tenant reported it to the property management agency. However, the same thing happened four more times before she decided to terminate her lease and move out.

In this scenario, the landlord should have been educated prior to signing the management agreement. He should have known that notice and consent are required prior to entering the property. This should be detailed in a handbook that outlines his obligations and responsibilities as a landlord.

Additionally, after the tenant reported the incident, the property manager should have contacted the landlord to understand why he entered the premises in the first place and to let him know what repercussions there are if he were to do it again.

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