Saving Water at Home

Saving Water at Home

Did you know?

You can check if your toilet is leaking by putting a small amount of food dye into your cistern, then looking to see if the dye leaks into the bowl.

In The Kitchen

The key culprit for water consumption in kitchens is the dishwasher. However, not all dishwashers are equal − some are markedly more water efficient that others.

In Australia, the standard for rating the water efficiency of appliances is known as the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Scheme. According to the WELS rating, the most efficient dishwashers can use half as much water at the average dishwasher.

In The Laundry

Set your washing machine to an appropriate water level when washing clothes. You can also save energy by washing in cold water. Front loading washing machines use considerably less water than top loaders, and also require less energy and soap to do the same job. While the investment may be higher to begin with − in the long term they will save you money.

In The Garden

You can reduce the need to water your garden by planting drought tolerant native plants. Ask your local nursery for advice. When using your hose for cleaning or watering, use a hose-fitting with a trigger nozzle an water saving spray fitting

Washing Your Car

Washing your car in your driveway can be an environmental hazard. Car washes can release approximately 750ml of sludge that contains surfactants, oil, dirt and heavy metals such as lead.

Washing your car in a ‘Smart Approved WaterMark’ can significantly reduce water use and emission of toxins into the environment. Accredited car washes use systems like water recycling and high pressure hoses to reduce water use. They also discharge wastewater into the sewer system where it gets treated by the local sewerage treatment plant.

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