4 Foolproof Ways To Stage Your Home On A Budget

The online world is a visual one.

Consumers have high expectations, which means there is no use marketing a property that looks sub standard.

To get the best selling price for your vendor, it is in your best interest to know how to make a listing stand out from others on the market.

With a whole industry of professionals trained in interior design you could bring in an expert to spruce the place up.

The problem is that when it comes to selling, vendors are typically overwhelmed with fees, and as valuable as home staging is, they don’t want to dump a truckload of cash on an additional service.

The good news is that there are some easy and affordable ways to make a listing shine both on portals and in your emails.

Some of the best methods won’t cost a cent!

Here are some techniques I’ve picked up to help you stage your home on a budget.

Declutter it:

This is paramount – it’s so important that we wrote an entire blog about it earlier this year.

You want a purchaser to imagine their life unfold in a home rather than see the life that has already been established there.

A home cluttered with personal items makes this attachment hard so remove family photos, get rid of food in the fridge and take dirty clothes out of the laundry.

Think of it like a display home – lots of space, everything in its place.

Keep the theme uniform:

There should be a consistent colour scheme and style carried throughout the house to give it a sense of flow and make it feel cohesive, rather than a scattered.

I usually recommend light and neutral colours to give the impression of space and cleanliness, especially in the kitchen and living room area.

If it was up to me, I’d leave a magazine, remote and handful of pillows out but store everything else away.

I always tell my sellers to make sure the towels in their bathrooms match. The easiest way to do this is to pick up a cheap set from Kmart and use them for open homes and showings.

Clean it:

The homes that sell quickest are usually the cleanest. If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel and there is a mark on the wall or a crumb on the carpet you will notice, and so will buyers.

It’s a pain in the backside, especially for sellers with young kids but cleaning up before an open home shows that a house has been taken care of and is integral to achieving a desired sales result.

Tidy up the backyard:

A neat backyard and epic outdoor entertaining area are on every homebuyer’s radar.

Mowing your lawn, changing old pots, removing dead plants and doing some weeding will change the entire look of your garden.

Again, keep it minimal so potential buyers can imagine their own renovations.

They can picture a basketball hoop they will install, an outdoor entertaining area they will set up and a jacuzzi they will put in the ground depending on their lifestyle.

The point is keeping it bare will appeal to the masses and small, yet meaningful touches go a long way in modernizing a home.

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