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First home buying guide

7 GOLDEN RULES for Property Investing

Duration of your investment – when making any property investment, experienced investors understand that property must be held for a minimum of 10 years – this approach allows for maximum capital growth & the ability to ride the fluctuations of the economic market. Buy investment properties under $500K – this allows for further expansion of […]

August Property Market Update

For the week ending 25 August 2020, the national asking price rose 0.3% for houses and 0.4% for units, compared to the week prior. Across capital cities, property prices increased by 0.1% for houses and declined by 1.6% for units. Month on month, the national asking price decreased by 1% for houses and increased by […]

Home Office Now A Priority – 4 Tips on How to spruce it up?

A home office has become more important to home-owners since the onset of Covid-19, shows new research from the Real Estate Buyers Agents Association. The study reveals the top five priorities are now: (1) kitchen; (2) outdoor entertaining area; (3) home office; (4) multiple living areas; and (5) bedrooms. This marks quite a sharp change […]

7 Must-ask questions when buying a property

If you’re serious about buying a property, knowledge is power – that means asking loads of questions before signing dotted lines. But often the biggest mistake people make when buying a house is becoming emotionally attached before asking all the key questions about the property. Once you get to settlement day it’s too late to […]

Five ways to spend time around your gardens during COVID-19

Not only will hours spent outside improving your garden be good for the soul, it will be a welcome change to have something new and positive to focus on that doesn’t cost much money and in fact could save you some. 1. Plant your own pantry With the future still a little uncertain, now is […]

Property Management – Amazing Property Manager Adds Value to your Investment

Here’s Why? -Lease Renewal Fees and why they are charged It’s a common question about property management: Why do agents charge a lease renewal fee? No doubt there’s many aspects of your job that someone outside your industry wouldn’t easily understand, and ours is no different. Some investors might think a lease renewal is simply […]

10 Easy and Simple Landscape Ideas

Grow a healthy, beautiful lawn One of the first things people notice about a landscape is the lawn. Nothing beats the sight of beautiful, lush green grass. While you might struggle to achieve this goal, maintaining a picture-perfect yard is possible. Water and fertilize your lawn throughout the summer for a beautiful landscape. Plant in […]

5 Ways to get your home Organized

Guess what? You’re stuck at home and know that deep down this is the perfect opportunity for you to finally get some areas of your home more organised. But, let me also guess that even though you know you should do this, you’re still having trouble getting started, right? If this is you, here are […]

Brisbane to Outshine Sydney and Melbourne dwelling prices in 2020

Brisbane dwelling prices will outperform those in Sydney and Melbourne in 2020, according to Westpac. They believe the Queensland capital will see eight per cent increases next year, above the six forecasted for the two major capital city markets. Westpac suggest the strong momentum in Sydney and Melbourne will fade as affordability issues re-emerge and […]

Is the Brisbane property market a good place to invest?

By: M. Yardney’s Commentary Brisbane property is finally going to have its turn in the sun with reasonable growth likely for well located, free standing houses and townhouses in small complexes. While the overall figures for the Brisbane housing market remained flat over the last year the markets are very fragmented. CoreLogic report that since […]

Saving Water at Home

Saving Water at Home Did you know? You can check if your toilet is leaking by putting a small amount of food dye into your cistern, then looking to see if the dye leaks into the bowl. In The Kitchen The key culprit for water consumption in kitchens is the dishwasher. However, not all dishwashers […]

Keep Your Energy Bill Cool this Summer!

Keep your energy bill cool this summer 🙂 Close windows and curtains early in the day before the house heats up on summer days. Once the temperature cools outside, open windows, curtains and blinds to let the cool air in. Use fans where possible – they use much less energy than an air conditioner. Drape […]

Why Landlord Property Insurance is Important

This is not giving advice and only use for general information. Although we are not experts in insurance, being in the Property Management industry has exposed KGR team to what we see as deficiencies in many widely used policies. Below is an example; One self-managed landlord ended up with a big shock when his tenants […]

The Unannounced Landlord Visiting

The Surprise no Tenants want. It was the perfect rental property… until the landlord decided to let himself into the rental property unannounced. Not only did he fail to notify the tenant, but he also failed to notify his property manager. His excuse? Property maintenance. After the first incident, the tenant reported it to the […]

How to Ensure Your Investment Property is a Bargain Not a Lemon

When investing in the housing market, everyone is out for a bargain. Of course, you want the biggest return on your investment you can find, but there can be a fine line between nabbing a true bargain and getting hampered with a lemon. Not everything that’s wrong with a home is evident at first glance. […]

Thinking of Renovation or Building a New Home?

Thinking of renovation or building a new home? Simple tips to ensure your designs pass the water efficiency benchmark. Reducing the amount of water a house uses is not only good for the home owner’s bank balance, it means that the chances of passing a BASIX assessment with the minimum of fuss are very high. […]

Be The King Of Your Backyard This Spring

Be The King Of Your Backyard This Spring The opposite of the northern hemisphere, Australia’s spring starts in September and ends in late November, which heralds the arrival of summer. And depending on when you visit and where you’re going to, temperatures are generally starting to climb. However, it’s a good idea to decide what […]

4 Deadly Investment Mistakes You Must Avoid at All Cost

4 Deadly Investment Mistakes You Must Avoid at All Cost #1. Making a strategy fit an area Having a strategy is important if you want to succeed as an investor. However, rigidly sticking with the strategy rather than focusing on the result can have costly consequences. For example, if you’re pursuing a renovate for profit […]


Here’s Why Tenants are Enjoying renting with Us!

Here’s Why Tenants are Enjoying renting with Us! Does the agency have a team strictly dedicated to leasing properties? It’s quite common for real estate agencies to put more effort into property sales than into property management. In the worst cases, this responsibility may even be left to agency receptionists or administrative assistants. Be sure […]

4 Foolproof Ways To Stage Your Home On A Budget

The online world is a visual one. Consumers have high expectations, which means there is no use marketing a property that looks sub standard. To get the best selling price for your vendor, it is in your best interest to know how to make a listing stand out from others on the market. With a […]

5 Tips to Building your First Home in 2020

  Did you know that each and every year around 80,000 singles and couples become first home builders in Australia? You probably wouldn’t have thought the number was as high as it is because saving for your first home seems like the biggest obstacle to overcome when you’re starting from scratch. While saving can be […]

A Place with Identity (Ipswich)

A growing city Ipswich’s population is projected to more than double over the next 12 years, according to the local council. Nov 8, 2018 News – The population of Ipswich has cracked the 215,000 mark. Council’s Planning and Development Quarterly Activity Report for July-September 2018 confirms the city’s continuing high population growth rate – now soaring to 5.38 per cent. An […]

Why it is important to have regular Routine Inspections?

Rental inspections are a vital part of the rental process. It is essential to ensure smalls issues are nip in the bud before they become expensive ones. So what are the benefits to having quaterly routine inspections done as part of an ongoing tenancy agreement? Protecting your asset Protecting your most valuable asset your rental […]

Why Real Estate Property Sales should be handled by Professionals

Bottom line? Sellers who want to sell their home for the best price while not letting it sit on the market for too long should consider allowing a professional Real Estate agent to assist you in the process. The thought of some sellers is that they can reduce the price to potential buyers and avoid sales […]

Is it really worth your time and stress managing your own property?

Look: If you’re like most people you’re not using an agent because you’re looking to save money by managing your own property. However if you’re like most people you will find that managing your own property is not always that fun. Sometimes you have to chase tenants for rent, sometimes your tenants leave you with […]

Property Managers – The Great the Bad and the Average!

Favourite Quote about Property Management: “I’d Rather Have an Average Property with an Excellent Property Manager than an Excellent Property with an Average Property Manager.” I can’t emphasize this enough: We hear those scary stories of homes being trashed and those tenant’s from hell. It doesn’t have to be this way if you engage the […]

Why I love working in real estate

As a refugee from Vietnam my parents realised that they had no choice but to leave by boat to find better opportunities. I was nearly three at the time and the risk that every other refugee was facing that we could all perish at sea. We were in a country that we knew little of and […]

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Smoke Alarms in Rental Properties – Why it is important! There are responsibilities, no matter whether you are a landlord or a tenant.  It pays to keep up to date with the latest changes in the smoke alarm legislation for Queensland rental properties. Firstly, it is important to know that there has been a recent […]

The WHAT, HOW, WHO, And WHY About PAYG Variation When It Comes To Property Investing

Property investors often factor in tax breaks as part of their overall investment analysis. The saying ‘cash flow is king’ applies not only to the business world but is as relevant to the property investor market. Hanging on until the end of the financial year, and until you file your return can leave you with […]

My 5 tips to help prevent Cyber crime happening in our neighbourhood

Our family once lived in Forestdale but moved to the Hillcrest area earlier this year. Last year we had a break-in at our Forestdale home, losing a computer and a few other valuable items. The assets were hard enough to lose but with the loss of the computer, now we realised we were also at […]

Macadamia Choc Chia Cookies

(Makes around 24 cookies) Ingredients: 1 cup almonds 1 cup macadamias 5 medjool dates (pitted) 1 cup buckwheat flour 3 heaped tbsp. raw cacao powder 3 tbsp. chia seeds ¼ cup pure maple syrup 2 tbsp. coconut oil ¼ cup filtered water Method: Preheat the oven to 180 °c. Line 2 trays with baking paper. […]

Still Room For First Home Buyers

With fewer first buyers taking out home loans than a decade ago12, one might have concerns for the future of the Great Australian Dream. While affordability is squeezing high-demand capitals, such as Sydney and Melbourne, interest rates remain at record lows, continuing to give astute first-time buyers opportunities to purchase their piece of the property […]

We don’t monkey around! Behind every property investor is a dedicated property management partner!

As a property owner, you need to get the most return out of your rental property. Right? This means finding the right agency to partner with to take over the day-to-day management of your assets! Here’s why you should choose KG Real Properties Group: We have dedicated team focused on property management We have access […]

How important is a well-negotiated lease to your business?

The success of your business is not just reflected on the company tax returns or the financial statements.  Depending on the type of business you are in, it may very well depend on a well-negotiated lease.  This is Part 1 of a 3 Part series on this interesting topic. Part 2 will be posted subject […]